[15:53] <Me> I’m redesigning my website (= [15:53] <s> <censored> [15:54] <s> wheee fun [15:54] <Me> [15:54] <Me> Thats what I have so far (= [15:55] <Me> I might add a few more 0’s to the number of total times it can loop [15:55] <Me> I’m at 1,000,000,000 time right now (= [15:56] <s> … Read more

This is sad

This is truely a sad thing about the Internet: The opening paragraph reads: Who is responsible for the top 97.23% of all internet searches? That’s right, horny males looking for pictures of Britney Spears. I used her name once about seven months ago on this site and I still get hits from it from … Read more

Something that pisses me off

Welcome to my blog, Things like this piss me off: “Batavia parents to shell out for back-to-school” To sum it up, the school district shelled out thousands of dollars to upgrade to Office 2007 and rather then making a couple changes on their domain policies so that Office 2007 saves files in a format compatible … Read more