This is sad

This is truely a sad thing about the Internet:

The opening paragraph reads:

Who is responsible for the top 97.23% of all internet searches? That’s right, horny males looking for pictures of Britney Spears. I used her name once about seven months ago on this site and I still get hits from it from people looking for such things as free Britney Spear’s game to download and Britney Spear weight loss. Well, if one usage of her name can bring so much happiness I decided to capitalize on the Britney Search phenomenon with Project Britney Search, aka ‘Project BS’. Here I will create an überlist of Britney Spears search terms to see just how many hits I can get by exploiting the wants of horny young men worldwide.

And then the page goes on to list a bunch of different search phrases for Britney Spears thats highly unlikely, but on this page he lists the results:

Single day record was 2259 unique visitors, but that was just by some popular site linking to it because of the cenpect.

Typically it averages me 20-40 hits a day, not many of which stay around.