A Conversation about Google taking over the world

7/1/2008 1:03:47 PM Me: Why use Meebo for aim when you can use Gtalk for aim?
7/1/2008 1:03:59 PM My Friend: No.
7/1/2008 1:05:06 PM Me: Not a fan of Google?
7/1/2008 1:05:22 PM My Friend: Indeed
7/1/2008 1:06:13 PM Me: Nothing wrong w/ Google’s attempt to archieve the world
7/1/2008 1:06:23 PM My Friend: I think google is evil
7/1/2008 1:06:49 PM Me: Google will become the computer that will become a concious lifeform that we will try to destroy and fail
7/1/2008 1:06:56 PM Me: Then it will enslave the human race
7/1/2008 1:07:39 PM Me: And under Google’s iron rule, the human race will be semi-prosperous
7/1/2008 1:07:54 PM My Friend: No
7/1/2008 1:08:51 PM Me: And after a few centuries, a rebel underground will figure out a way of overthrowing Google’s dictatorship