[15:53] <Me> I’m redesigning my website (=
[15:53] <s> <censored>
[15:54] <s> wheee fun
[15:54] <Me>
[15:54] <Me> Thats what I have so far (=
[15:55] <Me> I might add a few more 0’s to the number of total times it can loop
[15:55] <Me> I’m at 1,000,000,000 time right now (=
[15:56] <s> erm, ok
[15:58] <Me> At 1 bil times, it would only take 158 yrs to complete looping (=
[15:59] * s tries to see the point, and fails
[15:59] <Me> There is about as much point as making that page able to loop for 158 yrs as there is for me having that page up (=
[16:00] <Me> There is going to be more, I just haven’t developed that far yet (=
[16:00] <s> fair enough
[16:00] <Me> I’m redoing the site utilizing php