I’ve been talking to this guy for months under a new nick and he’s had no idea who I was (=

[13:40] <s> do i even have you on facebook?
[13:40] <Me> Yeah
[13:41] <s> o.O
[13:41] <s> what’s your name on it?
[13:41] <Me> I think I was the one who sent you D***’s info
[13:42] <s> wait
[13:42] <s> hm
[13:43] <s> you are J**** then, G***** right?
[13:43] <Me> Yep
[13:44] <s> ffs
[13:44] <s> i didn’t know ‘Me’ was G*****
[13:44] * s slaps G*****
[13:44] <s> i thought you just showed up stalking canadian girls
[13:44] <Me> lol
[13:44] <Me> I thought you knew
[13:45] <s> nope
[13:46] <Me> So all this time I’ve been talking to you like I knew you, you never thought to ask me who I was?????????????????
[13:46] <s> yeah.. all the time wondering why you thought you knew me
[13:46] <s> lol
[13:46] <Me> lol
[13:47] <s> now i feel stupid
[13:47] <Me> Me is Me@is.for-ever.net *
[13:47] <Me> Wouldn’t that domain be a dead give-away?
[13:48] <s> no
[13:48] <Me> I use to use G*****@is.for-ever.net for my bouncer
[13:48] <s> i never noticed lol
[13:50] <Me> I’ve been using this nick exclusively on Undernet since what?  Jan or Feb?
[13:50] <s> yeah, probably
[13:50] <s> i never knew
[13:51] <Me> Most people noticed cause of the chans I hang out on or because of the domain
[13:51] <s> no tme
[13:51] <s> not me
[13:52] <Me> I gave the nick & cservice ID G***** to one of my bots