Twitter URL Shortener

I generated a URL under this new blog that is shorter than the URL generated by Twitter under the shortener.  The link that was listed on the tweet was the link, but the url link was a link which was longer than the link generated by my blog (which then forwards to … Read more

Site relocated and updated.

My blog has been moved from (one of the most remote places on the Internet that only a handful of people have ever been) to (something a search engine can actually find). W/ that change, the version of WordPress has been upgraded as well.

$199 laptops Can you say webserver?  Laptop for a HS or college student?  Child’s first personal computer?  For $200, its a better deal then buying them a game system.  Better yet, there is a lot of free open source software.  If you look at the menus, they even come with OpenOffice which can read/write MS … Read more